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August 4, 2012
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Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.
Guild Wars 2 Skin - Rainmeter by Ammorth Guild Wars 2 Skin - Rainmeter by Ammorth
Entirely hand drawn Guild Wars 2 Skins for Rainmeter!


Ability bar goes in and out of combat and the health globe flashes when you are low on health (CPU). Includes a battery bar for laptop users.

Version 0.2.0

Includes: Inventory and Ability Bar
Comming Soon: Quests and more...

Includes the Minimal Icons Collection, Vintage Colors - By Primofenax ( [link] ). Used with permission.

Version 0.2.0 Changes:
- Added Ability Bar
- Changed a couple of text styles of readability
- Some minor performance improvements
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lullabymommy2013 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  New member
For those of you having issues making the icons show in the bar. What i did was make a folder in my "pictures" folder for the icons. this is what you would put in the line for the picture

C:\Users\[User Name]\Pictures\GW2\skill slots\[Picture Name].png

Changing the [User Name] part to whatever your profile name is and [Picture Name] to whatever the name of the picture is. you have to use the PATH to the picture to make it work. As for making it executable you need to put the complete path to the executable in to make it work as well. what you put in should look similar to this:

["C:\Program Files\Guild Wars 2\Gw2.exe"]

If you guys have any questions on this stuff I can help. My email is
theNEWoath Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
When i add more icons in the ability bar and in the inventory, well they just don't work. I click on 'em, but nothing happens. The first column in the inventory bar is ok and everything runs properly, but in the second one just doesn't. Same in the ability bar. The very 1st icon works and when i try to add more it doesn't really work at all. I do all the neccessary things in config file, but alas something is wrond. Any idea ? Btw thx for this skin and thanks for the help in advance !
OmochiBunny Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013
I love the background but I cannot seem to find it anywhere, is it possible you could link it for dl? Thanks!
Ammorth Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013
FoxdenVixen Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
I have downloaded this but am wondering if you are still working on it. Will you be adding any more parts to it such as weather, news, or anything else? Where are the icons stored? I am adding the rest from Primofenax and not sure where to unzip them.
Ammorth Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
I currently don't have any plans to continue working on this as my interests have moved away from rainmeter. However, since the license is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, you are allowed to download, add or make changes, and re-upload whatever you want!
qWARUp Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Hey, I'm having trouble adding custom icons to the taskbar. Could you help me, I'm pretty new to rainmeter but I love the design!
shadowkat1991 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I am trying to add programs to the powers bar and getting little to no where. I had it working at one point but after letting it sleep all my game programs wont work. My pictures files opens but firefox and my two games I put in it Guild Wars and Diablo III wont launch. Any tips or advice anyone?
dunno912456 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
BTW for those that have updated to 2.4.0 version of rainmeter, this skin is still fully compatible as there have been no major infrastructure changes in that version.
windomace Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2012
Awesome skin, have you considered adding in shutdown, restart, and sleep buttons?
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